Thursday, may 31 2012

08h30-09h00    Registration


  • 09h00 -- Nicolas Chaillet, Head of Femto-st Institute
  • 09h10 -- Introduction Yann Le Gorrec
  • 09h30 -- Dimitri Peaucelle, Affine and LFT modeling of systems with uncertainty: some benefits of descriptor forms
  • 10h30 -- Break
  • 10h50 -- Mokrane Boudaoud, Yann Le Gorrec, Yassine Haddab, Philippe Lutz, Robust and gain scheduled control of a nonlinear electrostatic microgripper : Design and real time implementation (Video1,Video2)
  • 11h30 -- Micky Rakotondrabe, Philippe Lutz, Using interval techniques for the design of robust controllers and for the robust performances analysis: application to piezoelectric microactuators


  • 13h40 -- Thomas Meurer, Model-based control of piezoactuated flexible structures: motion planning, stabilization and tracking
  • 14h40 -- Bernhard Maschke, Port hamiltonian modeling of Ionic Polymer-Metal / Composite Soft Actuator
  • 15h40 -- Break
  • 16h00 -- Arnaud Hubert, Mathieu Grossard, Nicolas Chaillet, Optimal design of compliant structures with integrated piezoelectric transduction. Application to the microrobotic field
  • 16h45 -- Manuel Collet, Thierry Verdot and Paul Muralt, Optimization, design and characterization of a piezoelectric micro-suspension for isolating sensitive electronic devices
  • 17h30 -- Anne Delettre, Guillaume J. Laurent, Nadine Le Fort-Piat and Christophe Varnier, 3-DOF contactless manipulation using potential air flows

Friday, june 01 2012


  • 08h45 -- Introduction Yassine Haddab
  • 09h10 -- Murti Salapaka, Real-time quantitative estimation of material properties at the nanoscale
  • 10h10 -- Break
  • 10h30 -- Christine Prelle, Pengfei Huyan, Laurent Petit, Frédéric Lamarque, Design and control of digital actuator based compact systems
  • 11h15 -- Vincent Chalvet, Yassine Haddab, Philippe Lutz, Digital microrobotics, a new paradigm in design and open-loop control of microrobots


  • 13h30 -- C. Pacoret, Stéphane Régnier, Optical tweezers dedicated to haptic feedback
  • 14h15 -- Irfan Ahmad, Alina Voda, Gildas Besançon, Nanopositioning using tunnel current - real-time results
  • 15h00 -- Break
  • 15h20 -- Nicolas Lafitte, YassineHaddab, Yann Le Gorrec, Towards single DNA molecule sensing using feedback control
  • 15h05 -- Thibault Hilaire, From controller to code : the optimal implementation problem